The Best DIY Toothpaste To Reverse Cavities and Maintain An Optimal Oral Health

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This homemade Toothpaste is full of minerals and it helped me deal with cavities and keeping a fresh breath. just give it a try, trust me…you will thank me for it.


– 1/3 cup of Bentonite Clay (Click Here to buy)  because it’s very effective when it come to draws toxins out of the body. – 10 Drops of Peppermint Essential oil (Click Here to buy) – this gives the toothpaste a magnificent flavor plus it will help freshen your breath – 1 Tbsp of coconut Oil (Click Here to buy): it’s marvelous for oral wellness. It is highly useful when you need to get rid of bacteria/viruses in the mouth. – 1/4 cup of boiling water – 1/4 Tsp of Real Salt (Click Here to buy) – 15 Drops of OnGuard Essential oil (Click Here to buy): it’s full of antibiotic attributes that will eliminate cavities! – 1/2 Tsp of REAL Stevia (Click Here to buy)


  1. Put your Bentonite clay in a bowl. warm the water on the stove and then mix in the coconut oil till it is melted.
  2. With a hand mixer, mix on average speed the Bentonite clay and the water/oil mixture.
  3. Add the salt, Stevia, and essential oils and continue to blend until it is completely mixed.
Keep in mind that the mixture will get harder because of the coconut oil, but you can add a little of your toothbrush to help you with that.

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The Best DIY Toothpaste To Reverse Cavities and Maintain An Optimal Oral Health



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