How to make a homeschool planner

Planners should be like fingerprints; no two should be alike. But printed planners, and most printable planners, don’t leave much room for personalization, and they are often very, very expensive, both in money and time spent looking for just the “right” one!

Believe it or not, it is possible to create a beautiful, extremely personal, planner for under a dollar.

First of all, you will need to gather up some basic school and office supplies.

 Homeschool Planner First Page

 Homeschool Planner Calendar Dimensions

 Homeschool Planner Weekly Dimensions

Next, you need to decide what sorts of pages you will need to create for the interior. Here are some ideas:
A calendar that covers the whole year. I have printed mine from Donna Young, cut it out, pasted it in, and then decorated the page.

  1. A calendar page(s) for each month
  2. Some pages for planning/recording a week at a glance
  3. Some pages for general notes, planning recording, etc.
  4. Pages for tracking hours spent for, say, transcripts for an older child
  5. Pages for keeping track of online passwords and phone numbers and addresses
  6. Blog planning pages
  7. A way to track what each child is doing

Also you can take a manila envelope and created a pocket on the inside page, add a ribbon as a bookmark, and some sticky flags covered in clear tape as tabs.


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