Glitter Magnets

Its no secret that Im a HUGE fan of glitter (and glitters cousin- the sequin).  I use it liberally and often, even though my husband banned me from glittering indoors due to the mess.  One of my favorite projects is glitter marble magnets. These look great packaged in a small tin, and make eye catching gifts or fun party favors. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make some refrigerator bling of your own. Materials: ● Glass marbles. The vase filler stuff. Choose any shape or size that you want, but make sure they have a flat back. ● Strong magnets. Make sure they are smaller than your marble. ● Silicone glue. I just use clear silicone from the hardware store, which you can find with the caulk and adhesives. You can also use E6000, which is sold at craft stores. ● An old paint brush. ● An X-Acto knife. ● Glitter! If you already know how to make marble magnets, then you have a head start. The process is very similar, with a few tweaks to make it work with glitter. glitter1 copy Step One: Make a pile of glitter! heartglitter2 Step Two: Squirt a dab of silicone on the back of your marbles. Use your old paint brush to spread the silicone into a thin layer. heartglitter4 Step Three:  Press the silicone lightly into the pile of glitter. Lay your marbles glitter-side-up to dry. This can take up to 24 hours. I usually stop here and finish up the next day. glitter6 Step Four: Using your knife, trim any excess glitter and silicone from the edge of your marble. This may not be necessary if you arent as messy as I am. glitter8 Step Five: Brush a thin coat of silicone onto the back of your marble to hold down any loose glitter. Glitter10 Step Six: Squirt some silicone onto your magnet and press it onto the back of your marble. Let them dry overnight again. It may look dry before then, but if you put it on your fridge, it will fall apart.



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Mini Instax Magnet Photo Frame - 10 Pack...

Mini Instax Magnet Photo Frame  10 Pack


  1. 10 pack of plastic magnetic picture frames for Fujifilm Mini Instax film (2.1 x 3.4 inches)
  2. The back of each photo frame has magnets for displaying on a fridge or locker AND a pull out cardboard easel for displaying on a desk or table top
  3. The photo slips in the back of the frame and is protected by the clear thick plastic
  4. The pack of ten includes black/gold and white/gold designs like chevron, hearts, stripes, and polka dots
  5. Perfect for displaying fun photos of friends and family, your instant film will never look better!

Roeda Brighten Your Life 13704B Dream Big Glitter ...

Roeda Brighten Your Life 13704B Dream Big Glitter Word in Light Blue Magnet Made in USA


  1. Materials: metal, magnet
  2. Dimensions: 3.9"Hx 3.4"W
  3. These embellishments are designed be combined with our frames and memo boards to form whimsical, colorful, and personalized art for your home. The final creation is up to you!
  4. Fresh NEW White Packaging! Formerly known as Embellish Your Story by Roeda Studios
  5. Hand-painted in Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Ata-Boy David and Goliath 'I Poop Glitter...

AtaBoy David and Goliath #039I Poop Glitter#039 25quot x 35quot Magnet for Refrigerators and Lockers


  1. A fridge or locker door is always a great place to keep an important reminder or to-do list while showing the world what you love
  2. This big, bright high-resolution magnet features iconic pop culture graphics that will show off your fandom and catch your eye so your reminders won't be forgotten!
  3. Magnets offer super-sturdy construction - full color image is fully laminated and wraps around the magnet edge so you never have to worry about peeling or chipping
  4. Full magnet back means your notes and to-do lists will be held tight to your metal surface
  5. Officially licensed and made in the USA; measures approximately 3.5" high x 2.5" wide

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