This time not a rainbows, but a rainbow cake . Actually, it was quite simple – as many people do. Just mix a few colors and fill them into the mold one by one, so that you end up with a big rainbow. But that was not enough for me ! * laughs *

I searched and searched and finally found some cakes,
Which corresponded approximately to what I had imagined.

And off you go! =)

Let’s start with the ingredients:

– Food color (I like to use US Cake Supply )

– Powdered sugar and lemon juice for the pouring

– 5 eggs
– 1-2 pack vanilla sugar
– 350-375 g flour
– 250 g of sugar
– 1 packet of baking powder
– 225 ml of cooking oil
– 125 ml of water

First you separate the 5 eggs and beat the egg white stiff .
Then put it into the refrigerator.


To the egg yolk in the baking bowl give the sugar and the vanilla sugar and stir the whole thing soft or creamy.
Then add the cooking oil, water, flour, and baking powder .

Again everything is well mixed .

Now you can the furnace ever to about 180 ° C preheat .

You bring the whipped protein out of the refrigerator and carefully lift it with a spoon under the other dough.

When you are finished, take a kitchen wagon and 6 bowls .
At least it was in my case six, because I have walked with 6 colors .

Now spread the dough in the same quantity in the bowls.
For example, I roughly skimmed the possible weight of the dough by means of the ingredients and divided it by 6. Then I have a little bit of the result deducted and first times this calculated weight. When at the end still dough was left, I distributed this with a spoon by eye.

Now take a bowl, a food color and stir it.
I have also with the mixer made (… and the stirring rods it every time in between washed)because it very troublesome hand yet and would have taken much longer.

When you’re done with it, are you as well greased springform pan and for each color best dining and a teaspoon.

Now you proceed in the rainbow color order : red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and then again from the front … and always so until the dough is empty.

What you do: Take 2 tbsp of the first color (red) and fill it in the middle of the jumping form . Take a teaspoon to help. Then take the next color and put it in the middle of the jumping form, ie in the middle of the red color. So do it with all colors and start again from the beginning, when you have arrived at the last color.

This is a little time consuming , but worth it. =)

At some point you will have actually made it.
This looks something like this: 

The whole thing comes at 180 ° C in the oven . At least 50-60 minutes .
But you should always look between them and perhaps also times with a Schaschlikspiess in the middle pieksen , in order to see whether the dough is already baked and is no longer sticky.

Somehow the cake was then finished, was put out for cooling and then decorated. With sugar and sugar . =)

I honestly do not know why my cake has become so thick in the middle … or whether it belongs so. In any case, it did not detract from the delicious taste and the inner fab . =)

The guests who were there the day were absolutely overwhelmed!

I have to admit that I find this rainbow cake even more beautiful than a rainbog.

And if you see this color splendor on your own plate ,
It’s just fun to eat the cake. 

The effort was worth it. =)

He would have been a bit more perfect if I had not even struck myself with the colors .



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