Cozy living room


It just had to be my …

After leaving my loved one’s house, I was greeted with some ragged brown flowers, so today we went off to find some great nice flowers. The choice is poor but brought home 3 hydrangeas.

Now that I was in the flower shop I saw some nice big “glass houses”. Had theirs before but when I went in to buy they were suddenly gone.But lucky me it brought me home for only 109, – with their handsome 70%

Look at this glory here then? I love to fill up with belly cubes in different sizes.

This one just had to be mine 🙂 109 kr that’s not much there!


Beautiful hydrangeas

The rattan table tops come from living.


I love to buy new flowers. Big beautiful flowers, It’s just so nice. That’s the icing on the `nine interior.

Love to spend evenings here in my cozy living room 🙂


Like the blankets being put a little “random” on the couch. It seems I create a cozy and casual interior. Not so tight and determined. Do not hide the blankets in a basket. Use them in your interior, they are so nice 🙂

The world’s finest and best knit rug from KID. It is the best rug I have stepped over and not only is it lovely but so incredibly delicious. 🙂 This I bought at KID when they had 50% on the store. and paid no more than $ 299 for this. The original price is 599, – but it is reasonable for such a nice rug.
This is just a must now in these dark and cold times 🙂


This is how it is on the inside. So incredibly soft!


Got some questions about my showcase.
Of course, when I was shopping for what I had seen, it was out of stock and I couldn’t wait. Showcase I should have, preferably right away.hehe

Then I had to resort to other solutions and then it became something as simple as a billy shelf from IKEA
Bought glass doors and replaced some of the shelves with bile shelves. So simple but pretty nice 🙂

The nice thing about this is that you can “build” on it and have a whole wall of display cabinets. 🙂

Now the data should be well placed on my lap and I should have a real sumo evening. After 2 weeks offline and TV I have missed many series.

Thank you so much to everyone who looks at my little blog. 🙂 In a little while it will soon give away, who will not win a great white stick pillow?

Wishing you a great evening ahead.