Brick grill DIY

The substrate (A) to the grill consists of ways gravel packed and tamped hard. The grille can then be cemented on a backing of such large concrete slabs (B) which is horizontal. Notice that the stones in the third (C), eighth (D) and twelfth shift (E) placed crosswise so that the cooking grate (F) and hearth (G) get something to rest on.
Many certainly dream about getting a permanent place in the garden of his barbecue, preferably in the extension of the terrace. And with fixed barbecue think we understood a barbeque. There are actually ready to buy such grills. You should only mura parts together – often made of concrete and tile. There is no reason to pay more than necessary for a masonry barbecue, so here you get a proposal for a grill that you can mura. And if you have a little habit of mura, so you can get the grill ready on a weekend. Remember to choose bricks that can withstand the high temperatures. Another important thing is to get the grill grid before the walls of the grille. It would be mockingly to stand with a nice barbecue you can not use just because no grid fits. To the hearth will need a concrete slab, a fiber cement board or a heavy steel plate. If you choose a metal you can order it from a sheet metal worker. Remove thick iron plate so that the hearth will last.

This may be needed

  • 120 bricks (hard baked)
  • Mortar and grout
  • Slab (B), 40 x 40 x 10 cm
  • Map Gravel (A)
  • 1 concrete slab (G), 40 x 45 cm
  • 1 grid (F), 47 x 47 cm

TIP! Solid place for the grill

Once you have decided where the grill should be placed as you dig away the grass tussocks and 30 cm of the soil. Fill the way gravel in the hole and stomp hard. Add a few concrete slabs on gravel (or pour a socket) that the grill then cemented on. To avoid frost damage, it may be necessary with a reinforced base.



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