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natural skincare | chemical free skin care | natural cosmetics | shopping | fask mask | face creams | healthy skin care | essential oils and herbs | Egyptian Organics | #natural #chemicalfree #summer #skincare #egyptianorganics What’s Included: Chamomile Clay Face Mask This mask is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It contains 3 super-clays to cleanse, hydrate, and heal your skin. Give the most luxurious spa experience to your skin from your own bathroom. Organic Body Oil Treat your skin with rich, moisturizing blended oils. Lavender relaxes and refreshes your skin and your mood. Suitable for all skin types, this all-natural, chemical-free body oil supports the natural balance of oils on the skin while hydrating dry skin. For use on face and body, your skin will love the love. Organic Hair Scrub Give your hair a lux spa treatment with a blend of mineral-rich salts and oils. Exfoliate your scalp to cleanse and remove dry skin while deep-conditioning with a carefully crafted blend of oils. Including rosemary oil, this blend can work to thicken hair while hydrating and nourishing. You and your hair deserve the best all-natural, chemical-free luxurious care. Organic Lash & Brow Oil If your brows & lashes have been feeling a bit dry, this is for you. Like mascara for your sleep, this oil blend will moisturize while the rosemary oil can work to thicken your brows & lashes. The wand will gently exfoliate your brows while deep-conditioning. This must-have for any full facial treatment is nourishing and revitalizing. All-natural and chemical-free (unlike the other serums out there), these simple ingredients provided by Mother Nature offer that extra level of TLC you deserve. Organic Night Cream Up your nightly skin care game with buttery, luxurious spa level treatment. This carefully crafted blend of essential oils has been whipped into the perfect night cap. Suitable for all skin types, the all-natural, organic cream is loaded with super oils, vitamins, and moisturizing agents to boost your skin. Toxin-free and gentle for your skin. A $265 Value. You save $53!