9 garden design Square stepping stones ideas

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Made to Order, Buy 4 or more and save, Bird and Flower mosaics, 12″ square, stepping stones, garden

The price for each bird or flower mosaic is now $75 each. Buy a set of any 4 and they are $65 each. Price is for 4 and shipping reflects $20 each for 4 mosaic stepping stones. Please indicate in the notes which 4 you would like. Because these are made to order, no two birds will be exactly the same as I do not use a pattern but freehand each design seperately. There will also be some variation in tile colors, as I am working with the scrap from large-scale exterior pieces and the greens and blues may vary from one to the other. Garden stones are shipped using USPS Priority Mail because they are heavy, about 25 pounds, and so the “if it fits it ships” works great, I don’t have to calculate different shipping in the United States…and saves a lot of money on shipping charges.Find more of my mosaics and paintings on my Etsy site by clicking this link:https://www.etsy.com/shop/JanWilhelmi?ref=hdr_shop_menu