8 Ways To Surprise Your Groom On The Big Day


8 Ways To Surprise Your Groom On The Big Day

Bridal Boudoir

Boudoir photos: While he is getting ready, deliver him an album of boudoir photos of yourself. You may want to time this to when you know he won’t have a gaggle of groomsmen around him.

Wedding Band

Engrave His Wedding Band: With your name, your wedding date or just a special saying.

Beer Cake

Booze: Send over a stash of booze for the fellas to enjoy while they are getting ready. It’s a gift you know will be appreciated.


Love Note

Love Note: Right before you walk down the aisle – when everyone is lined up in front and ready to go — have the flower girl hand your man a note from you. It could be something simple like, “I can’t wait to kiss you.” He certainly won’t be expecting it and his reaction will be photo worthy.


If you have a sense of humor, have a ring bearer walk down the aisle with a sign that says, “Run, [Groom’s Name], Run!” Your guests will get a kick out of it and it will make for some great photos.

Patron Shots

Give in to something you kiboshed during planning the wedding: Maybe you didn’t want to hand out shots of Patron at the reception because you didn’t want the party to get too rowdy. Arrange for them. Were you worried that a cigar bar may stink up the dance floor? Find a way to make it work. If he really wanted a groom’s cake with his sport team’s logo on it, give in.


Getaway Car

Rent An Amazing Get Away Car: He’ll be expecting a limo or a town car. Surprise him with a Bentley, a Checkered Cab, or whatever would catch him off guard.


Fireworks: Surprise everyone — guests and groom! — with a grand finale fireworks display as you dash off.

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