8 makeup Aesthetic palette ideas

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Best Eye shadow ever!

Best Eye shadow ever! -   8 makeup Aesthetic palette ideas

Best eye shadow ever. Mermaid glitters and 2019 fall colors. 16 COLORS EYE SHADOW  Created with ingredients of the highest quality and the most updated ultra-micronized, luxuriously pigmented waterproof eyeshadow cream formula. A must-have, exquisite beauty makeup palette with all 16 bright pigment rich colors, serious staying power and blendability.. A HARMONY OF LUSTROUS HUES in colorful rose gold for shimmery natural and dramatic glamour looks. Choose from every finish imaginable.  PERFECT FOR THE EVERYDAY GIRL, SPECIAL EVENTS or occasions. Use shimmery highlights and refine the fall look for an unforgettable evening. Light eyeshadow base or eyelid primer will help to get the true pastel, red, pink, purple, violet, golden colors out of each single glitter palette. Set and apply your favorite glow multicolor eye shadow with an eye blending brush and blend softly for a flawless finish. Special mermaid glitters, shining and shimmering, perfect under the lights. PROCESSING TIME All precious things worth waiting. Typically, it takes 3-5 days to process the order before sending it out. SHIPPING TIME • U.S.A.: 3-5 business days transit by USPS. • CANADA: 3-5 business days transit by Canada Post. • REST OF WORLD: 7-21 days depends on your location.  SHIPPING CHARGE • Currently, we offer free shipping in the US and Canada. • Rest of world, we charge $12.99 flat rate.