24 winter crafts mittens ideas

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Sweater Mittens

How to turn your old sweaters into new mittens… via Feathering My Nest (Diy Gifts Crafts) This is currently my favourite DIY… I’m rocking a couple different pairs of sweater mittens right now 🙂 It appears a daunting DIY at first, but trust me, once you sew up a pair you’ll be pulling sweaters off of strangers in the street and running home to make more mittens 😉 or you could just checkout WINS and pickup some great knit sweaters at great prices – and you’ll be helping out a great cause at the same time!… AND you’ll be reloving the used into something new!… these mittens make great gifts and are super easy to coordinate to your friends and families outerwear, personalities and favourite colours!… Let the sweater hunt being! To make sweater mittens you will need the following items: Sweater Paper Marker Scissors Sewing Machine / Needle and thread Sewing Pins To get started turning your sweater into a pair of mittens we need to make a pattern of our hand (or the hands of the person that we’re making the mittens for)… if you want to keep the gift a surprise trace your friend’s hand exactly or have them photocopy their hand for you!… Then trace around the hand shape in a larger mitten shape, leaving space between …