24 dining decor crown moldings ideas

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clng-layer3 When giving a room a new look, most people regularly add some paint to the walls, replace the floor and update the furniture and decor. But there’s one area a lot of people forget to consider: THE CEILING! The ceiling offers a great opportunity to complete the look of your room or to create something unexpected. Ceiling treatments have also been quite trendy for awhile, so now’s the time to jump in and try it! the bathroom’s old ceiling As I mentioned in my last post, I am giving my kids’ bathroom a major renovation. After giving the walls a much needed coat of fresh white paint, I turned my attention to the ceiling. As you can see it’s boring and basic. I wanted to give it some style without spending too much time or money. I decided to start by adding some color so I painted it a medium gray (BM Coventry Gray). That alone was enough to create an immediate improvement, but I wasn’t done yet! I then added some trim to the ceiling. I wanted something more interesting than basic crown molding… I started by installing 1×6 pine boards flat against the ceiling. Then I added 4.25” baseboards on top of them to create a layered affect. I finished off the edges with a simple 1×2” pine board running along the top of the wall. I caulked everything and coated it with white semigloss paint, and here’s the final look: I used a nail gun to install everything, and this was honestly a very easy project. All totaled, it only cost me about $135 (for paint and molding) too. For that price, I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck! My bathroom ceiling design is just one way to address a ceiling, there are many other more creative ways to give your ceiling new life. Here’s a roundup of some ideas (with pretty inspiration photos of course)… IDEAS FOR ADDING SOME DESIGN TO YOUR CEILING paint it source source source Let’s start with the simplest option: paint your ceiling. Even painting it a fresh coat of white can really brighten up a room. But the ceiling color doesn’t have to be relegated to “ceiling white”. It’s a great place to add a fun pop of color or add some drama with a dark hue. Pairing a bold color on the ceiling with a soft neutral color on the walls can create an even bigger impact. add pattern and texture source source source source source source If you want to up your game, try putting a pattern on the ceiling. You can paint simple stripes or go with a more detailed wallpaper pattern. Yes, wallpaper isn’t just for walls! Try a copper or plaster tiled ceiling, or you can even use ceramic tile on the ceiling in a bathroom. No matter what material you use, a patterned ceiling will create an instant impact drawing your eye up as soon as you enter the room. install molding source source source source source Another common way to address the ceiling is to add molding. But don’t feel like you have to stick with the standard stock crown molding installed along the edge. Get creative and add layers of various molding for a more interesting look, like I did in my bathroom. Consider installing molding flat against the ceiling as well as along the top of the wall. You can also use molding to create shapes and designs over the whole ceiling, or add a medallion which is a great way to emphasize your ceiling lighting. finish it with planks source source source source source Now it gets even more interesting! Try adding shiplap or reclaimed wood planks to the ceiling. Go with a simple horizontal run, a diagonal layout, or get real creative and make cool patterns with it. Talk about using the ceiling as a wow factor! Don’t feel you need to cover the entire ceiling either. You can apply planks to only one section of the ceiling in order to emphasize a certain area of the room. create architectural features source source source source source source There are a lot of ways to add architectural elements to your ceiling. Try creating a coffered ceiling, or adding faux beams or trusses to a vaulted ceiling. If you can afford it, install a barreled ceiling in a smaller space. Again, get creative by using unusual patterns as seen in the photos above. It’s also easy to mix and match a lot of these ideas. Like try adding reclaimed wood beams to a ceiling and then running painted shiplap in between the beams. Or apply colorful wallpaper to the ceiling and then add detailed molding along the edges. You could also install copper tiles in a section of the ceiling and paint the rest of the ceiling a contrasting color. As you can see, the possibilities are endless! And even better, many of these projects are affordable and easy to do yourself. So next time you give a room a new look, don’t miss the opportunity to get creative with the ceiling!