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Nancy’s Home Tour Part 2 – The Kitchen

Cute cozy kitchen with beverage condiments on a tier I have to say thank you to all of you for your sweet comments on Nancy’s Home Tour Part 1. UPDATE 9/7/18 See Nancy’s new home here. It thrills both of us that you love her home. 🙂 Let’s move on to her stunning kitchen! Don’t you just love her chalkboard? You have to be happy reading a message like that. I would describe this kitchen as welcoming, colorful, beautiful, and homey. Wouldn’t you? Edit to add a note from Nancy: “I just love reading all these sweet comments! Y’all just make my day! I have noticed a few comments on the tiered curtains…here’s my trick…it’s 3 separate valances, hung on 3 different tension rods. I love the look of it…It reminds me of something custom, but without the cost. It also gives me the privacy I want and it blocks the sun light on the hot summer days.” Nancy said this tiered stand is from a garage sale. She loves to have brunch gatherings on the weekends and she uses it to serve syrups and goodies like that. Her counters and vignettes are so pretty. The little cabinet tucked in the corner is a spice cabinet made by her Daddy 25 years ago. I remember her telling us about that a couple of years ago. It means the world to her. Look at all the adorable lamps. The picture below gives us a view into the family room. Just beautiful!! I asked Nancy a few questions about her house. Did they build it and is there anything we should all know? I love her answer, “We did not build this house… Let me say this house was a blessing and God sent in so many ways. This house of course had a builder but I like to think it was God inspired. It has everything I WISH I had used in the house we did build. It is the perfect size for us, not too big neither too small. We lived for 23 years on a very busy state road, we could never enjoy our front yard or porch… But here at our new house it’s so quiet, calm, relaxing. We live in a small neighborhood and a very small town. Our house is surrounded by a small small small national forest…. We have every kind of wildlife you can imagine. We are 2 mins from the lake and several bike and walking trails. We literally feel like we are living in a resort town…beautiful, clean and very low crime. I said all that to say …. I Love it and I’m so grateful !!!” I’m grateful to you for sharing with us, my friend. 🙂 The dining room is coming up next with a few out-takes too. Update 9/7/18 See Nancy’s new home here.



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