23 mid century modern garden ideas

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A Stunning Exterior Makeover – Painted Brick and More!

A Stunning Exterior Makeover – Painted Brick and More! -   23 mid century modern garden

E-Design colour consultant Kylie M, creates a beautiful and after mid century modern entryway with exterior painted brick in Ballet White, orange front door and Willow trim colour by Benjamin Moore. Kylie M E-design and ONline color consulting A Brick Split Level Makeover Via Kylie M’s E-Design – Create Your Own Exterior package Okay people. When my client Mark sent me the ‘after’ photos of his exterior, I basically filled ma’ drawers with excitement. The transformation was STUNNING, taking an outdated brick split-level home from dated and dull to striking and sexy. Can an exterior be sexy? Can wine be drunk with a funnel? YES IT CAN! The Front Before, this home had some great bones and I was a fan of the general exterior profile – including the sloped roof over the living area, it just need some KLC… The After Seriously? Seriously. The Front Door Before, the front door was no screamin’ glory as there was no roof over the front steps and no focal point to draw you in. After, the front door creates a striking, welcoming invitation! They were SUPER smart to install a new sloped roof to give some cover and to create a more layered look for the home. I just LOOOVE the subtle mid-century modern vibe and that