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How to Build a Bookshelf

How to Build a Bookshelf |Adventures of a DIY Mom My 6 year old has been bugging me about having a bookshelf in her room for ages. All the other kids have one, so she felt left out. I finally made one for her for her birthday. That was back in July – I’m just now getting to the tutorial. I actually built and painted it all on the 4th of July. I know… I’m not a very exciting mom, but my daughter was at her cousins for the week and that’s the only day I could do it and have it be a surprise. Plus my husband was working, so other than a bbq that night we didn’t have any fun plans. It makes for a long day, but you can totally finish it all in one day. This bookshelf is a variation of my son’s bookshelf. Here’s what you need: 2 – 1 X 12 boards 8′ long 1 – 1 X 3 board 1 sheet 1/4″ backing 24″ X 48″ 1 1/4″ screws small finish nails wood glue primer paint measuring tape drill miter saw/circular saw/table saw kreg jig sandpaper pencil Here’s your cut list: 2 sides – 1 X 12 @ 33 1/2″ 1 top – 1 X 12 @24″ 3 shelves – 1 X 12 @ 22 1/2″ 1 back – 24″ X 31 1/2″ 1 footer – 1 X 3 @22 1/2″ To begin, lets start by cutting our top and sides. You can get this out of one board. Next drill your pocket holes into the top of both of your side boards. I like to have a scrap of wafer board or something similar on the bottom of the jig so that my clamp doesn’t dent up the wood. I like to do four holes, two at each end. Next attach the top to the sides using a little wood glue and screws. It helps to have a extra pair of hands to help. This is what it should look like so far. Next cut your shelves out of your other 1 X 12. Then drill holes on both ends of each board. Then start screwing them in place adding a little wood glue to the ends of the shelves. If my measurements are correct there should be 9 1/2″ between each shelf. I basically measured, drew a line and then placed the shelf on the line. I started with the bottom, then I did the top shelf and then the middle. The spaces between each of the shelves didn’t end up exactly the same, but they are straight so I guess that’s good enough 🙂 Now it’s time to add the footer. You’ll want to measure your bookshelf. It might be a little different than the cut list measurement. Mine was slightly longer and I had to cut another. Add two pocket holes to each end. Add a little wood glue and screw in place. Now all we need is to add the back. Just cut it to length. I like to leave the space under the bottom shelf open in the back. So if you’re wondering why it doesn’t cover all the way to the bottom that is why. I decided to paint first then attach the back after. It just makes painting a little easier. I painted the back white for a little contrast. And of course it had to be pink for my princess. Does this look like something you could tackle? What color would you paint yours? Linking up at Lady Behind the Curtain, Tidy Mom, Or so she says…, Homemade Ginger, Huckleberry Love, All Things With Purpose, Clean & Scentsible, and at these parties



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