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Piping decorating cake

How to make amazing piping decorating for your desserts #piping #pipingtips #cake What Are Luster Dusts Are Bakell’s Luster Dusts edible? Yes they are! Luster Dusts are a finer powder than the Tinker Dusts but are still incredibly shiny with brilliant pearlized tones in each color shade! Luster Dust is typically brushed on or mixed with a liquid and painted with, or is airbrushed as seen in our video shown below. Luster Dusts can be turned into a beautiful shiny “paint” when mixed with a small amount of lemon extract or vodka and brushed on your product.  Luster Dusts look beautiful mixed with drinks or sprinkled on whip cream & icing. Cake & Cookie decorators use luster dusts wet or dry with stencils to brush designs and patterns onto the set royal icing. Bakell® Luster Dusts are edible, food grade and perfect for the Confectionery Sugar craft artist! ** Airbrush Gun Kits for Decorating can be purchased by clicking here. Buy Luster Dust in Bulk & Save Buy in Bulk & save over 50 percent Buy in sizes of 25g, 50g, 1lb & 1 kilogram Free Shipping & no leads times All shipments made from our distribution facility in CA, USA See price breaks below in chart – click here to learn more  Understanding Our Different Types of Dusts & Glitters Tinker Dusts (Food Grade) – Bakell’s very own unique edible product; the perfect mix between edible glitter with the shine of luster dusts! These dusts come in a large variety of colors with a lustrous, sparkle and shine. Similar to Discos, but with a slightly silkier texture and all food grade products! They are also lovely sprinkled on frosting, whip cream or brushed on chocolate covered strawberries! Luster Dusts (Food Grade) – Are very shiny fine grain edible pearlized powder! typically brushed on or mixed with a liquid and painted or airbrushed. Dazzlers Dusts & Hologram Dusts (Non-Toxic) – Are very shiny, glittery, non-toxic decorating sprinkle intended for decoration. Petal Dusts (Food Grade) – Are very fine powder edible dusts, with vibrant matte colors, these are most often used for projects such as edible flower brushing! Highlighter Dusts (Non-Edible for Decor use only) – Deep toned pearl sparkle dusts, very similar to luster dusts! Click Here to learn more about different dusts & glitters Bakell® Brand Luster Dust FAQ FDA compliant & is 100% edible/ consumable Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free Mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve Tasteless & texture-less Comes in dozens of colors Available for Bulk Purchase, Wholesale & Resale Click here to learn more about the ingredients in edible glitters Bakell® Airbrushing Gold Luster Dust “HOW TO” Video