22 desk decor shelves ideas

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White & Gold Office

Reclaimed wood farm produce crates DIY cube modular unit repurposed wooden renewable resource shelves stacked open shelf storage. Boxes come in various sizes and are made from vintage natural unfinished pine for shipping produce fruit and vegetables. These are solid pine and not made of press wood or plywood. Various dimensions, ages and countries of origin with no two alike vintage condition. Rustic appearance only improves with weathered seasoned natural aging. Cubic modular moderne Eco-sustainable renewable resource configured cluster boxwood garden. Organic, biodegradable and compostable simplicity your way. Clip and go re-creation, do it yourself, wall unit re-creation configuration. The most common sizes are: Small box: 13 X 8 X 4 – 32cm X19cm X 9.5 cm Medium box: 13 X 11 X 4 – 32cm X19cm X 9.5 cm Large box: 23 X 15 X 8 – 59cm X 38 cm X 20 cm Each box cost $65+ s/h charges. **************************************************************************** Shipping cost for a total of 5 boxes, 2 large,2 medium and 1 small = $325.00 + S/H. ***Bulk orders receive quantity shipping discount*** Please provide a quantity and full shipping address for accurate s/h charge prior to order. Waste not … Want not. Saving humanity one crate at a time promoting DIY RE- creativity and conservation.