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Pipe Desk with Shelving

Pipe Desk with Shelving -   22 desk decor shelves

Industrial style pipe desk. Wood top and wood shelves distressed and stained any color you prefer. See my picture of stain samples. Dimensions: 42″ long x 25″ deep x 30″ tall. If you would like custom dimensions please let me know and I will send you back a quote right away. (2)10″ deep shelves, but I can add additional shelves if desired, or deeper shelves. Pipes are 3/4″ iron pipes that have been cleaned and painted Soft Iron Grey. You choose a stain color from my stain samples. This desk is completely customizable, If you would like different dimensions, stain color, or style let me know and I can build it. **I use a butcher block material for the desk top and 2″ x 10″ boards for the shelves. It is slightly noticable that the desk top and shelves are made from 2 different woods. ***Dimensions for the shelf thickness and depth are stated in nominal lumber measurements. If you are unsure what this means please google it, thanks!