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Learn how to DIY a flower doorway arch! So gorgeous and you can use whatever flower combination you want.

If you are looking for Alternative Wedding Paper Flower Backdrop Inso, perhaps this elegant paper Flower set might be on your list! Such a timeless design and we are especially loving the mixture of paper foliage and flowers that might be a perfect alternative to classic Flower arch or Wedding reception! This paper flower set of 22 Unique Large Paper Flowers + 18 paper leaves will cover around 71″w X 60″h //180cm:150cm space It includes: •6″//15cm = 2 Garden Roses •7″//18cm = 3 Garden Roses •7″//18cm = 10 Lilia Flowers •9″//22cm= 2 Garden Roses •13″//35cm = 3 Big Garden Roses •18″//45cm= 1 Dahlia Flower •24″//60cm= 1 Dahlia Flower •10″//25cm = 18 Paper leaves COLORS: Any color combination is available. Feel free to contact us regarding colors. On the photo: – White Blue – Blush – Light Blue – SHIPPING: These paper flower set would be shipped via registered international mail from Kyiv, Ukraine. Delivery time 10-14 days. ASSEMBLING: We will provide you with flowers that already include mounting scotch squares. Take off the protecting tape and easily stick the flowers to the background. Very reliable! PACKAGING: As a rule we send the paper flowers in our special boxes. Each flower is fixed is a proper way in boxes, so we may guarantee that they arrive in perfect shape ________________________________ MIO GALLERY – all rights reserved (C)



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