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How To Connect Separate Gardens to One Garden Hose

1 Garden Hose, two separate garden beds with Garden Grids™️ watering systems. 🤔 Here’s how you interconnect them with a two way water flow valve and some short garden hoses 👌 . . . #raisedbedgardening #squarefootgardening #urbangardening #gardening #gardeningtips #gardenhose #gardendesign #gardengrid #gardeningadvice #vegetablegardening #backyardgarden

Split the flow of your water to two independently controlled outlets.

**Customer Update: If you intend to interconnect multiple Garden Grid™ watering systems, we no longer use two-way valves to do so. Instead we created the Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold for more organized and easier connections!**

    2-Way Water Flow Valve Features:

      • Convert single faucet/spigot to dual use
      • Built-in water flow adjustment valves allow for water flow variation
      • Durable ABS construction
      • Connect multiple valves together for additional ports
        • 1 Valve: 2 Ports
        • 2 Valves Connected Together: 3 Ports
        • 3 Valves Connected Together: 4 Ports
        • And so on.
      • Select the exact lengths of garden hose you need here.