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Vegan Freezer Meal Prep: 24 Servings For Under $37

Vegan Freezer meals on a budget. 24 serving of freezer meals to meal prep before you get stuck inside. These plant based healthy freezer recipes are also great for weight loss and high in protein. #coronavirus #covid #quarantine Are you trying to eat healthier but you just can’t find the time to cook during the week? Many of you probably like to meal prep (usually on Sundays) to save time during the week and to help avoid grabbing dinner at the drive thru. Freezer meals are always great to have stocked up for life experiences such as expecting a baby, quick meals for busy nights, meals for a family vacation, or back up for those times a recipe fails. Prepped meals, or meal plans in general, are also helpful if you are working on nutrition goals, muscle gain, or weight