19 DIY Clothes For Winter fabrics ideas

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DIY Fabric Chapstick Holder

A super easy DIY fabric Chapstick Holders craft! These are great to hang on your purse, backpack and more. Keep your lips hydrated this winter with this easy sewing project. #diy #project #sew #fabric #chapstick #holder #keychain Let’s talk chapstick today. Are your lips addicted? Mine are. Like, I canNOT fall asleep without chapstick on. Those dry little lips of mine bug me. And licking them doesn’t help. In fact, that makes them worse. And I don’t like working out with dry lips either. In fact, I use chapstick many times throughout the day. And I know, I know…..the more I use it, the more dependent I am. It’s okay, I know there are others out there like me, also helping to support the chapstick makers of the world. 🙂 However, those little tubes of