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35 Vintage Party Appetizers We’ll Never Stop Making

When we say something’s “an oldie but a goodie,” it’s the highest form of compliment. Because somehow it was able to withstand the test of time and trends. No easy feat. And while we’re happy to say goodbye to the congealed tuna loaf and frozen cheese salad—yes, those are real—we’re never letting go of these vintage appetizer recipes. These are the all-stars. Generations of Southern community cookbooks have featured these dips, spreads, bites, and nibbles—even if you didn’t know it. That deliciously creamy, cheesy crab dip gracing the holiday spread? Your great-aunt Barb knows it well, too. And those warm, saucy meatballs sitting pretty at the cocktail party? Just ask her husband. Because some party appetizers just never die, and thank goodness for that. Read on for 35 easy appetizers, hot and cold, that are so good you won’t ever need another party recipe.