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World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing – The Tipsy Housewife

In the real world it is really early to be thinking about Thanksgiving stuffing. But in recipe blogger world, in order for me to have google show this recipe when people search for Thanksgiving recipes come November, I have to post this now. So please bear with me. I live in Chicago but just came home from a long stay at my Mom’s home in Michigan where it was in the low 40’s and high 30’s some nights. I was in a Fall frame of mind when I was there and made this stuffing. If you have followed me for some time you may or may not know that I work as a brand ambassador for a local Chicago company called Chateau Foods. Chateau is a 92 year old family owned company that makes Czech inspired bread dumplings. Czech bread dumplings are slices of bread that are thicker, more absorbent and slightly spongy than regular bread. They are traditionally served as a base for pork roasts, beef roasts or stews and are meant to absorb the meat juices and gravies for you to eat and without getting soggy. They are steamed before serving and they are absolutely delicious. You can read about a traditional recipe using these bread dumplings here. It is my job to think up new ways to use the dumplings and one day last year I was thinking about the dumplings and also stuffing and I had a light bulb moment. What if I use the bread dumplings to make stuffing? It made total sense in my head, the dumplings are designed to absorb broth and gravies without getting soggy, I already knew they make great french toast because of those reasons, so why not stuffing? I went ahead and tried it with my traditional stuffing recipe but replaced the white bread with the bread dumplings and it was then and there that the World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing was born! The greatest thing about using these bread dumplings is that you don’t have to dry them out before using them for this recipe for the World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing. You simply thaw, cube them and carry on with the rest of the recipe. The other good news is that the bread dumplings can be used to make any stuffing recipe. As a home cook I know that stuffing is very personal to every family. I had twelve of my recipe blogging friends try the bread dumplings in place of the bread or croutons in their own personal recipes and the overall consensus was that the dumplings were PERFECT for their recipes and better than the bread they normally use. If you don’t yet have your own personal Thanksgiving stuffing recipe, I encourage you to try this recipe for this World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe and it may just become your new holiday tradition. In order to make this World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing you will need to get your hands on the bread dumplings. They are available all over Chicago in the frozen food section of most grocery stores. You can also CLICK HERE to enter your zipcode to see if they are available where you live. If not, they are available for online ordering. They are pricey to ship because they must be kept frozen. To me, they are worth the splurge for the holidays. A lot of my readers have shared that they split a case with a friend or two in order to cut down on shipping costs and I thought that was a great idea as well. So once you get your hands on some dumplings, here is what else you will need to make the World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing: World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing This recipe makes one casserole dish full and will serve 14 to 16 people if being served with Thanksgiving dinner. It would serve 8 as a solo side dish. Ingredients 1 16 ounce package of pork breakfast sausage 2 C of diced celery 2 C of diced onion 2 c of diced mushrooms 1 stick of butter 2 boxes of bread dumplings, thawed and cubed 1 32oz carton of chicken or turkey broth 1 C of milk 2 eggs poultry seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper Tipsy Tip – I do not include measurements for the spices. Everyone has different taste buds and therefore I do not like to give measurements. Personally I prefer a lot of black pepper in my stuffing while some may not like. I encourage you to start with a couple teaspoons of each spice and adjust after tasting the stuffing. Original Tipsy (my Mom) likes to add celery seed or celery salt to her stuffing and that is also delicious. You can also add sage if you like. This is just how I personally make this stuffing but you should add what you like and the amount you like. The steps are pretty easy for making this stuffing. Here is what you will need to do to make the World’s Best Thanksgiving Stuffing: Steps In a large skillet crumble your pork sausage and brown it. When it’s halfway through cooking, add the butter, celery, mushroom and onions. Saute everything until its cooked well but the veggies still have some crunch to them. *if you see liquid in the pan, continue cooking until it evaporates out. The veggies have a high water content so you want to make sure you sauté them long enough to evaporate out this liquid, especially if you wash your mushrooms under water. Season the sausage and veggies with your salt, pepper, garlic powder and poultry seasoning. You should season this to your preference. We use about 2 T of poultry seasoning, 1 T of garlic powder and a couple of teaspoons of salt and pepper. Add your cubed bread dumplings to a casserole dish, there is no need to dry out or toast the dumplings, they are perfect just thawed and cubed. Add the meat and veggie mixture to the []