18 DIY Clothes Storage life changing ideas

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When and how to get rid of clothes

Decluttering your clothes and closet does not have to be a stressful as you think. Try these simple tips and tricks to get started. With these 4 questions you can purge your closet in no time! It can really be life changing when you have a closet of clothes you love! #earlybirdmom #declutterclothes #declutteryourcloset #minimalistwardrobe Having to let go of old clothes almost always involves a special type of sentimental feeling. They can bring back a flood of memories in the same way that certain songs or photographs can. But don’t worry, it’s not just you. Psychology tells us that people tend to have a unique emotional attachment to clothes. The Guardian cites emotions as the latest sustainability wave in fashion, which emphasizes the bond between customers and products. And the numbers don’t lie: this strategy, which is meant to combat fast fashion’s seasonal mentality, boosted sales for products meant to last by an impressive