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Instant Youth 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask

Instant Youth 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask -   17 skin care Masks facials ideas

Instant Youth 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask Blackheads removal & Minimizes Pores: The mask helps removing blackheads and it deeply cleans pores for acne-free skin. Reducing any fine lines and dryness caused by loss of hydration. 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask,gold mask facial,gold mask facial skin care,facial masks for acne,anti-aging and anti-wrinkle facial treatment,peel off face mask,facial care,diy face mask peel recipes,blackhead mask,gold face mask benefits,,gold mask blackhead remover, ✅ 60% Off Today! Limited Stock Available! ✅ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! INSTANT LOOK YEARS YOUNGER WITH JUST ONE PEEL! Made with 24K Gold micro-essence, this mask will effectively erase fine lines and return the youthful glow to you! Getting treatments from clinics to have that youthful skin again can really break the bank. Let the Instant Youth 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask help you achieve that youthful glow! BENEFITS: Enhances Moisture Retaining Power – Our mask is infused with refined collagen, powerfully increase the moisture-retaining ability of your natural skin, reducing any fine lines and dryness caused by loss of hydration! Rid of Dead Cells and Firms Up Your Skin – The peel off skin will gently take away any dead skin cells and reduces the possibility of clogged pores in the painless, gentle way! By removing the old skin, this mask will accelerate the speed of newborn skin regeneration, firms up any fine lines over the dead skin layer!  Firms Your Skin: With our special formula, it firms your skin and makes you look 10 years younger.  Anti-Wrinkle And Lifting: It has 24K gold that serves as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to calm acne inflammation and reduce redness, and protects skin against free radicals that lead to wrinkles, for a youthful glow. Pampering Deep Clean Through the Deepest Pore – Unlike the traditional peel-off masks, our 24K Gold mask will bring you a painless pampering pore cleansing experience! It reaches deep into the roots of your pore, removing any unwanted dirt and oil residue, allowing your skin to look glowy translucent at all times!   Blackheads removal & Minimizes Pores: The mask helps removing blackheads and it deeply cleans pores for acne-free skin.  Brightening & Whitening: It effectively brightens and whitens skin immediately after peeling off the mask. WHY IS THIS MASK PERFECT FOR YOU? ✔ Made with a hypoallergenic formula, perfect for any skin tone and type to experience the magic of age rewind!  ✔ For All Skin Types: No side effects, safe for all skin types. ✔ Instant Result: You will see an instant change right after your first application. ✔ Easy To Use: Just spread a suitable amount and let sit for about 20 minutes, no need for other tools to cure, just let dry and peel off. ✔ Money Saver: No need to spend too much time and money in the clinics to have a perfect skin, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. SPECIFICATIONS: Key Ingredients: 24K Gold, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pentylene Glycol Weight: 60g / 80 / 120 PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Instant Youth 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask