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How to Style Long Hair: Beach Waves & Messy Bun

How to Style Long Hair. Messy bun tutorial We’ve got another special treat for you today – a blog post from the lovely Torie Bliss! Today Torie will be showing us how she styles her 24” Ombre extensions. Since she’s #hairinspo all day, every day we thought, who better? Torie, take it from here, girl! How to Style Long Hair Who doesn’t love long hair? I’m all about loooong luscious locks – I love to look at them, style them, pretty much anything to do with long hair is my #hairgoals. Which is exactly why I love my Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions so much. My hair is already quite long, but this set gives me a couple of extra inches and wonderful thickness. If you have long hair (or are using hair extensions to achieve long hair), you’ll know that it’s not as easy to style as some may think. That’s why I’ve come up with the perfect long hair style: beachy waves and a half up messy bun. Beachy waves are the perfect no-fuss hairstyle because they are meant to look lived-in. Add in a super easy messy bun, and you’ve got a match made in long hair heaven. I also have a trick to make your messy bun come out the same every. single. time. Do I have you hooked yet? Let’s get this party started! If you’re using hair extensions, you can go ahead and clip them in first. How I clip in my Luxy Hair Extensions: First, add the first weft about 1/2 inch above the base of your hair line Then, proceed to clip each 2 clip weft on alternating sides Place the 3 clip wefts on a separate layer Add in the four clip wefts Then, clip 2 one clip wefts on each side of your head Finally, add the last one clip weft to the crown of your head. For step by step video and photo instructions, you can check out this blog post on how to clip in Luxy Hair extensions! How to: Beachy Waves for Long Hair Tip from Torie: When choosing an iron for creating beach waves, make sure to use a barrel that is a uniform width from top to bottom, no tapering. 1. Split your hair into two equal section and pull it to the front 2. Take different sized sections from the original two sections are start making waves 3. Wrap each section away from your face and leave a few inches straight at the bottom 4. Release the curl off the iron into your hand and give it a little scrunch as it cools Tip from Torie: This is a really important step – if you drop the curl hot, your long hair will weigh down the wave. 5. Repeat each of these steps with each section 6. Finish with a bit of texture spray and low-hold hairspray! How to: Messy Bun for Long Hair If you want to take your hairstyle to the next level, a half-up messy bun is the perfect way to do it! This adds an extra element to your style, and the longer the hair, the more volume you can create. 1. Leave a few sections out around your face to soften the style and make it more whimsical! 2. Part a section of hair and start wrapping it into a ponytail. 3. On the final wrap, don’t pull your hair all the way through – leave a loop bun. 4. While holding the bun with one hand, pinch and pull at the base of the ponytail to give it volume and texture. For the next few steps, you are going to be using the hair from the tail end of the ponytail 5. Take a section from the left part of the ponytail and twist it back towards the bun. 6. Working your way up and down the twist, pinch and pull at it to make it fluffy. 7. Take the twist and drape it over the base of the bun and pin into place 8. Repeat these steps on the right side. And just like that, you’re done! Waves and messy buns = perfect pair (PB&J!) Thanks again to our beautiful friend Torie Bliss for being a guest contributor to our blog today! Make sure to check out Torie’s blog, and if you’re in Massachusetts, go visit her in person and have her create some magic on your hair!