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Pink Muhly Grass Care

Pink Muhly Grass Care -   13 plants Texture landscapes ideas

Introduction Billowy, Pink Clouds Blur Your Landscape into an Impressionist Painting! Accents areas of your landscape that need a little “something” Plant in groups of 3 or 5 for a look you’ll love Great pink color and unique texture So easy to grow! Never Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil. Description Your neighbors will beg to know what the unique, PINK grass is growing in your yard. Breathtaking pink mist forms on top of Pink Muhly Grass from late summer and lasts throughout fall. These pink plumes add an absolutely stunning highlight to your landscape. Not only is Pink Muhly Grass a showy softener for your yard, it’s super low maintenance and fast growing! Being a clumper this grass stays where you plant it and won’t invade other plantings. Muhly Grass is deer resistant, drought, heat and even salt tolerant! It is a perfect ornamental grass for coastal areas. A unique grass with gorgeous color that easy to maintain, fast growing, and versatile…what more could you ask for in a plant? Key Features Fabulous ornamental grass. Pink Muhly is super unique and breathtakingly beautiful.  Pink plumes. The airy pink flowers are a sight to behold. They add pretty pink color while softening the landscape.  Year-round interest. Pink Muhly Grass blooms throughout fall. This is when its most exciting feature steals the show, but there is so much more to this plant. This green ornamental grass adds texture and color to the landscape in spring, summer, and fall. Even when this grass goes dormant, it still holds its shape so it even looks great in winter.  Hardy plant. This grass can stand up to deer, drought, heat, and salt. Once established this plant is no to low maintenance.  Non-invasive. Pink muhly is compact and stays in a clump so it is not invasive like some other ornamental grass. Pro Tips A haircut in late winter or early spring and some food in spring will keep your grass in amazing shape. But your Pink Muhly will be just fine if you forget about it. Pamper it a little though and you are sure to have the best growth and blooms. Whether you are a low maintenance or no maintenance plant person, Pink Muhly Grass will look great in your landscape! We do recommend a thick coat of mulch prior to winter for our growing zone 6 customers. Apply at least 2 inches of mulch extending a few inches beyond the rootzone for best results. This will protect you grass during the coldest temperatures. How To Care When planting your Pink Muhly Grass choose the best location for this plant to thrive. This grass is recommended for growing zones 6 to 9. It grows and flowers best in full sun, but tolerates part shade, especially in zones 8 and 9. Muhly Grass is extremely adaptable to a variety of soil. Water deeply about twice weekly for the first 2 to 3 months after planting. After establishing, it is extremely drought tolerant and only rarely needs water. Water thoroughly in extreme heat, especially in the first summer. Fertilize with a balanced, slow release fertilizer in spring for optimal growth. Prune back to about 4-6 inches in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges for a clean start. However, pruning is not necessary. Pink Muhly grass is extremely hardy. It is pollution, flood, and salt tolerant as well as deer, insect and disease resistant. Landscape Ideas Fabulous for lining walkways, mass and group plantings, or staggering throughout your landscape, the Pink Muhly Grass is a gardener’s dream! Try this stunning plant in containers for a great look. Just be sure to move the potted dormant grass into a garage or basement during winter if you are in growing zone 6.For additional options, be sure to browse our Ornamental Grasses, Miscanthus Maiden Grass and Shrubs collections.