13 dress Indian boots ideas

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218JS-bootmoc_wht3 Get a CUSTOM MADE pair of Moccasins made from either deer or elk hide. These moccasins will be made to fit you like a second skin. A good pair of mocs is a pair that fits snugly when new. They will stretch & conform to your feet. If you get them too big, your foot will slide inside the hide & youw will fall ! Therefore, when you checkout, you need to include your foot measurements from heel to toe WHILE STANDING ! Also, the widest point of your foot & your calf size. Also note if you want the smooth side or buffed side of the leather facing inside against your foot, or outside. Put this information in the ‘Instructions’ or ‘Comments’ box. Depending on the season or time of year, it might be 1 week before shipping or it might bu up to 3 weeks if during Christmas. You can always contact us for time frame information. Choose from tan or gold leather. Also, choose if you want them fringed or non-fringed. See pictures for examples. ALL mocs come plain, with no painting, beading or decorations. This item is hand sewn by an expert leather crafter who is not Native American & therefore, does not come with certificate of authenticity.