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What styles do girls have short hair? Different countries have different styles. – Love life, Love sharing

Spread the love Recently ,the girls who want to have their hair cut have gathered. Today, let’s show you how short hair looks in four countries and four styles. After that, let’s take action. 1. Short French hair The essence of short French hair lies in the messy little curly bangs, which have a certain thickness and irregular curls, both the witty and lively sense of girls, but also very elegant feminine flavor. 2. Thai Short Hair Thai short hair is suitable for girls with thick black hair. Natural black and straight hair girl, choose to cut simple and generous short hair, middle for girls with high nose, without excessive curl and hair color, simple is very practical. 3.Korean short hair Korean short hair is mainly sweet, the air Liu Hai is the standard! Ultra short hair is delicate and compact, highlighting the good-looking features, High Facial value. Korean short hair often leaves some broken hair in front of it for decoration, creating a very natural cosmetic effect. 4. Short Japanese hair Japanese short hair is pure, fluffy and natural, clear and simple. Unlike Korean hairstyles, Japanese hairstyles create a sense of fluffy, but at the same time, they often create a sense of chaos, lazy and natural chaos, fashionable and young 1.6K