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How To Create a Peaceful Zen Japanese Garden

Japanese garden path, via insidekyoto.com | 10 Elements of a Zen Japanese Garden View All Pages Prev1 of 11Next Want to create a relaxing spot in your garden but need some inspiration to get going? Find out the 10 must-have elements of a zen Japanese garden. Zen Japanese Garden For quite some time, I have been wanting to do something in the back corner of my yard. It is about the only space I have left that doesn’t have much in the way of a garden, so this would give me an excuse to buy some plants (and make the space look better than it does right now). I would really like to create a relaxing, zen garden space where I could go to read a book or just watch the birds and butterflies. And to me, nothing feels more zen than a Japanese garden… Since I don’t know that much about what goes into making a Japanese garden (and I always like to look for inspiration before I start a new project), I went hunting for some ideas that will help me create a little bit of zen in my yard. Keep reading to see what I found…the 10 elements required for a really peaceful and zen Japanese garden. Prev1 of 11Next Have comments or questions on elements of a zen Japanese garden? Tell us in the section below. Sharing is caring! 7k 0 0 View All Pages



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