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Stunning Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas For Summer; Ash Brown; Hair; Hair Color; Ash Brown Hair Color; Summer Hair; Summer Hair Color; Summer Ash Brown; Brunette Balayana; Light Ash Brown; Hair Color; Your hair reflects your personality and characteristics and, first of all, people can observe it obviously. If you want a refreshing dark brunette tone for your hair, then auburn hair is the perfect choice for you. “Ash Brown” is, as the name suggests, a shade of brown, mixed with gray color. Ash-brown hair color is the perfect combination of silver and dirty brown. Ever wondered why brown hair is generally considered the classically most beautiful shade? Well, that’s easy. It’s the versatility of brown hair. Regardless of your personal taste, your haircut or your skin tone, you can guarantee that there is a brown hairstyle that suits you. From warm, light honey tones, to deep, sultry chocolate, to everything in between, there is no way to wear brunette hair. This ash brown color also lends itself well to the latest trends in hair fashion, including ombre, balayage and dip dyes. We believe that every girl should try this sweet nuance at least once in her life. Just try and enjoy the summer.